Beyond Nominating

A Guide to Gaining and Sustaining Successful Not-For-Profit Boards

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“Here’s how to get the board you need.
Not just the board you end up with.”

NOTE: This hands-on manual has been helping community organizations recruit effective boards for over 10 years and is still the recipe for success.

Three years in the making, this comprehensive manual is ready to go to work for your organization. Beyond Nominating was written by former not-for-profit CEO George B. Wright. He applied his 30 plus years in the field with actual on-site field testing to create a hands-on guide that really works.

Four Steps: The successful formula is based on the four essential steps to successful board recruitment and development:

  1. Getting ready to get ready (de-mystifying the steps to “preparedness”)
  2. Creating the board development plan (focused, concise, on target)
  3. Recruitment action (researching prospects, turning the best into candidates, creating the organizational message, getting to the ask)
  4. From hello to good-bye (doing it right: orientation, training and support; but not
    forgetting to recognize those who are cycling off the board)

The Tool Kit: In manageable and understandable “bites”, this hands-on manual leads volunteers and staff through an organization’s most important task by using:
• Story “vignettes”—case examples of board development stumbling blocks.
• Concise instructions of how to proceed and avoid typical mistakes.
• Over 25 forms, model documents, worksheets and guidelines are provided to help make each step easier—even seamless.
• An appendix of additional tools adds even more depth to this valuable resource.

Beyond Nominating has been designed to help your organization rise above the fray of “musical chairs recruitment” and gain the best and brightest for your board. Over 850 organizations are already creating board success using this valuable tool.


Beyond Nominating

Beyond Nominating

A Guide to Gaining & Sustaining Not-For-Profit Boards


ISBN 0-9632655-1-2