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Readers Respond to BAKER CITY 1948!

Sincere CONGRATULATIONS on the book. It is excellent! I would say I loved the book, but that is not quite the right word. It engrossed me with the plot… I felt so at home with the characters. They were real people, and they were people that I grew up with. It took me back to a time when the distance between poor and well to do was not so great. I understand the mystery was what … prompted the writing of the novel. But for me the picture you painted of that time in small town America, a familiar picture, is what made the book so appealing. It is a remarkable first novel. You are a talented writer and have the courage to begin this new career. Keep them coming. Your fan and friend,
—Toni Reid, Oroville, CA

We ordered BAKER CITY 1948 and I finally had a chance to read it. It had me hooked from the second chapter. Congratulations and I look forward to the next one! I will have fun selling this during the holiday season.
—Barbara Theroux, Fact & Fiction Books, Missoula, Montana

I have just finished your wonderful work. [Through the story] I, once more returned to my youth and walked with Phillip beside the bushes and brush of the water’s edge, into tunnels and gravel pits (we had all these in Salem too) and felt the pain, sort of, when it was time to return to the brick schoolhouse. Thank you so much for an enjoyable trip through my boyhood memories even though nothing so serious as a murder ever occurred. I look forward to your next work. I REALLY liked the ending!
—Richard Van Osdol, Salem, OR

[BAKER CITY 1948 is] is not only a fascinating story; it also brought back a lot of memories, both from my childhood and the years we lived at the ranch. [Mary lived at Haines not far from Baker City]. I really love that book. So far, I've read it twice. Couldn't put it down.
—Mary, Youngtown AZ

I have just finished reading BAKER CITY 1948. I loved it! Didn't want it to end. Is another book in the works? I hope so.
—Joan Penner, Kansas City, MO

I read Baker City on the train up and back to NYC. I enjoyed it and thought it is well written--good character development, interesting story, easy to read. I will be eager to see the other two of the trilogy about Tillamook and Roseburg.
—Dick Powers, Bend, OR

I enjoyed reading it…the story was well paced, and I read it pretty much straight through. You captured the late-forties small town flavor of peoples' attitudes. I found lots of resonance with my own The story had a To Kill a Mockingbird flavor to it, which I like.
People are often cruel, and it's refreshing to see someone stand up for compassion.
—Paco Mitchell, Santa Fe, NM

Linda and I finally finished the book. We’ve been reading it aloud to each other. We thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, and remarked often on your narrative style. Well Done!
—Linda & John Hardham, Underwood, WA

I “inhaled” BAKER CITY 1948! You really captured the little kid’s point of view and the matter-of-fact way a bright child observes and comments on things in the adult world. It was really terrific, and I’ve already sent it on to a friend in eastern Montana. Thank you for writing such a moving tale. The ending, quiet and realistic, was almost Steinbeck-like in its emotional effect. Again, congratulations on a wonderful piece of work.
—Leigh Evans, Portland, OR

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, BAKER CITY 1948. I have never been to Baker City but found the story fascinating and a great read. Congratulations on your debut as a fiction author.
—Lou Libby, M .D., Portland, OR

Very good book, it showed what Baker City was like in 1948. I know because I was there. I lived in Baker, Oregon from 1944 to 1962. I found your book showed the town as I remember it. I was a great place to live as a kid. It is a good book to read. I have told my friends about it.
—Ron Hughes, Portland, OR

Finished BAKER CITY 1948 about a month ago and it was a great read. Your young hero was so 'real'. I'll look forward to TILLAMOOK 1952.
—Linda Cordo, Portland, OR