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Advance Praise for TILLAMOOK 1952

George Wright captures the attention of his readers on page one of TILLAMOOK 1952. What’s more, he keeps their attention until the final page is turned. This tale of personal redemption and intrigue tells of the trials faced when long dead emotions are brought back to life. Readers of TILLAMMOK 1952 will not be disappointed by this well crafted work of mystery and heart. I know I couldn’t put it down.

—Vinnie Kinsella, Adjunct Professor of Editing Portland State University

As with his first novel, BAKER CITY, 1948, George Byron Wright once again has taken a devastating historical event and expertly woven a tale of intrigue around it. TILLAMOOK, 1952 is about one man's blazing search for the truth - in his hometown, in his class-conscious family, and deep within his own hardened heart. You won't be disappointed with this story.

—Jody Seay, award-winning author and host of the TV program, Back Page

In TILLAMOOK 1952, George Wright tells a compelling tale of the searing scars left on our psyches and our souls when we dehumanize others be it the enemy in war or the disfigured in our daily midst. On the surface a young man embarks on a search to understand the circumstances of his uncle's death but his real quest is to free his soul from his inability to love, a legacy from his own war-scarred father. Wright tells the story with great narrative skill and careful attention to historical detail and place. The book is a fast read but it should be read carefully as it is timeless in its theme of how reluctantly we give up the enameled shell that keeps us from facing the truth within ourselves.

—Barbara J. Scot, New York Times Notable Author of A Prairie Reunion and The Violet Shyness of Their Eyes: Notes from Nepal